Straying away

from the norm

For the library, we’ve created a vibrant yet comfortable and elegant room that holds the collection of books inherited from the purchase of Charlton Hall. 

Never one to follow convention in a house that makes the rules, we’re breaking traditional library protocol by encouraging guests to be raucous with their laughter and energetic with their conversation, when spending time in the library.

With this in mind, we’ve included charismatic art within the library’s design, sitting pride of place above the imposing fireplace. Small pockets of stylish seating areas purposefully encourage chatter and all this is overlooked by oversized wallpaper that reminds you of the fun to be had at Charlton Hall.


the fun to be had

Our vibrant soft furnishings are adorned by cheeky House of Hackney characters, which we’ve offset with contrasting vivid yellow leather chairs and complementary Gun-Ho bee cushions that can be found scattered throughout. 

Large-scale chandeliers set off the ingenious play of light and shadow here that create real depth and imagination within the library.

This is one room to let your voice and imagination run wild.



Address: Charlton Hall, Chathill, Northumberland, NE67 5DZ

Phone: +44(0)1665 579173