How to Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon

How to plan

your perfect honeymoon

At Charlton Hall, we do everything we can to ensure the process of booking, planning and co-ordinating your wedding goes without a hitch, but there’s just so much to think about!

So when your brain has transformed into a Pinterest-filled art gallery, and the fear of a botched bouquet haunts you in your sleep, just imagine the light at the end of the tunnel—sunlight, in this case—hugging your bronzed body in a drape of honeymoon bliss. 

This isn’t just a quick getaway for the sake of tradition, this is your first escape together as a married couple! A holiday of this stature requires thoughtful execution, so let us run you through our step-by-step guide to guarantee painless honeymoon planning and an epic trip.


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1. Determine the length of your trip

First things first: How much time do you have? Before you begin fantasizing about a tree-top penthouse in the Peruvian Amazon, remember that a far-flung location will cost you multiple days of travel. And while that might not matter to those with two weeks to spare, it probably isn’t realistic for honeymooners on a time crunch.

2. Location, location, location!

You’re starting a new life together, a voyage of discovery into a world of possibilities; the key is identifying a shared value system. Does it involve luxury and treating yourselves? Is it about seeing, exploring, and elevating consciousness? Or is it a mix of everything? Once that’s decided, couples may want to consider choosing somewhere that pushes their comfort zones. Be as open-minded as possible, maybe consider multi-stop combinations like New York, Cancun, San Jose and Rio de Janeiro.

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3. Start planning

The ideal lead time depends on where you’re headed and what time of year you’d like to travel, but as a general rule-of-thumb, experts advise planning six to nine months out. Couples seeking an über-exclusive experience during peak periods (like over New Year’s) should start a year in advance. For off-peak travel three to six months will suffice. Booking during shoulder season also gives couples a price break and helps ensure the crowds are more manageable. 

4. Where will you be staying?

Couples making their own arrangements often feel inundated with options. An easy way to narrow things down,is to think about the best places you’ve stayed and what you liked about each. The size of the property is another major factor: Are you partial to bigger, mainstream brands like the Four Seasons, or would you prefer something more bespoke and boutique? Looking into what type of perks the properties offer honeymooner is always a good shout, these can range from standard amenities—the obligatory champagne and treats on arrival—to suite upgrades. 

Aside from the perks, it’s really about what you’re in to. World-class cities or beachside resorts? Maybe you disagree? So why not do both! Communication is key when planning anything as a couple and marriage is all about compromise, this could be your first test!

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5. Book your activities

Being ‘adventurous’ doesn’t necessarily mean jumping out of a plane or visiting Antarctica – although that would be pretty epic! – it’s about experiencing something for the first time together, this can be something as small as visiting a new continent, trying a new cuisine; whatever you choose to do, the best honeymoons are the ones where the couples get to know each other better, you’re starting a new life together and this trip is an incredibly powerful way to connect on a level you may not have known was possible.



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